About Us

Our Approach

Inspired by Latin American cuisine, we aspire to bring Latin ingredients to the DFW area with freestyle dishes.

Our Story

Leaving the Island of Puerto Rico pursuing different dreams, years later– fate brought Christian and Elimari together in Texas. 

Birthed from a dream inside Christian’s heart ignited the idea of having a food truck where they both shared their love and passion for Latin cuisine.

Meet the Team

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Christian Gonzalez

Founder & CEO


Born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and raised on the smallest island of the Greater Antilles.


In 2007, Christian decided to leave Puerto Rico to immerse himself deeper into the culinary world and to pursue an education from the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas, TX. 


Ever since after graduating, he has dedicated his time and knowledge gaining valuable experience in many of the finest local restaurants and reputable medical facilities. Christian has also catered numerous private functions, earning him a reputation of excellence in everything he does.


Elimari Gonzalez

Co-owner & Manager


Born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and raised in Arlington, Texas. 


Elimari played softball in her early years, in which she represented Puerto Rico in the Pan American Games in Bogota, Colombia, and the World Cup in the Czech Republic. Through playing softball and church, she met her husband Christian Gonzalez. 


Elimari majored in Child and Family Studies with a minor in Communications. She has been teaching in the DFW area for the past 7 years. In the past year, she ventured out into the restaurant world alongside Christian where she helped to open a restaurant.

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